Börje Hagsten's Files

This is a small repository of files that Börje Hagsten has created to use with PowerBASIC. I've created this simple page to provide a place to download the excellent utility POFFS as well as many of the files found at his original site. If you're interested in his status, peruse the post that I made on the PB forums.


Contents copyright © 1996-2014 PowerBASIC, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

POFFS v2.55 - PowerBASIC OFF-line forum Search (download size 142 MB - updated to October 30, 2014)
PowerBASIC OFF-line forum Search in postings made to Power Basic's Online Forums. Extremely informative, with many thousands of questions, answers and source code samples available for fast and easy off-line search. All in all, the unpacked databases totally carries more than 460 MB of useful information about everything regarding the PowerBasic product line, plus lots and lots of excellent tips for programming in both DOS and Windows.

PBNote 2 (Copyrighted above - download size 38KB - 4.23.02)
A text editor using MDI windows.

Utilities - Freeware

AboutTime FileStamp 1.0 (download size 34KB - 11.16.02)
AboutTime FileStamp enables you to gather collections of files under user-defined titles and set your own date and time stamp to all files in a selected collection in one smooth operation. All settings and file lists, etc. are stored between sessions.

ComboBox Color List (download size 16KB - 2.22.02)
ComboBox Color list include file.

CopyCat 1.1 (download size 40KB - June 2003)
When can this program be useful? The answer is - when you want to import already existing procedures from one or more code files into a new project. Instead of having to open up each file, look for the routine you want to use and select, copy, paste by hand using an editor, CopyCat enables you to quickly collect procedures from a list into a new or already existing file. It can be a great time-saver in some situations, especially at initial stages of building up a new project.

inClean 1.27 (download size 102KB - 1.14.05)
inClean v1.27 can scan your code and create one single lean include file containing all necessary equates, declares, functions and subs from the following include files: Win32api.Inc, Commctrl.Inc, Cmdlg32.Inc, Richedit.Inc and Mdi32.Inc. By using the resulting trimmed inc file instead, both compile time and often program size can be reduced.

PB WinSpy++++ 1.17 (download size 145KB - 4.3.03)
PB WinSpy is a very fast RAD ((Rapid Application Development) tool for PB/WIN (and DLL). It can capture existing dialogs/controls and generate PowerBASIC DDT or SDK-style code to duplicate the exact look. Make a NotePad (whatever) copy complete with menu and all in just a few seconds. PBWinSpy also provides an excellent way to learn more about the inner secrets in any Windows program/dialog. Like, did you know the desktop actually is a ListView control? PB WinSpy can tell...

Custom Controls - Public Domain

EDM32 Edit Control (download size 123KB - 10.15.04)
Edit control for "unlimited" sized files in the form of an include file - Edm32.inc. Sample program shows how to incorporate and use the editor. Some of many features: Syntax coloring for PB and RC files, unlimited Undo/Redo, Bookmarks, inline asm functions for fast text case handling, built-in search and replace functions, etc.

PBcards (download size 128KB - 11.16.02)
PBcards.inc provides almost all necessary things one needs for a card game, like bitmaps of card faces and card backs. It can also draw empty card holders and even has a simple bonus screen procedure. Included sample even contains a simple card game, Match pairs, to show how to use this control.

3D Progressbar (download size 43KB - 1.14.03)
Progressbar control with possibility to use both horizontally, vertically, back and forth. You can set it to show own text, built-in percentage counter or no text. Seven color schemes: red, green, blue, cyan, violet, silver, gold and bronze. Can even be set to show different text and text color on bar and background. And, can even be used as a very nice-looking static label, if you like. Two samples included.

RRButton (download size 40KB - 2.3.03)
A combined button/label custom control, complete with sample program that shows how to use it. Makes it easy to create flat or raised buttons and flat, raised or sunken labels. Exact positioning of bitmaps or icons possible. Different images for up, down or flat state possible. Can even do 3-D text, and text with different color depending on up, down or flat state (good for URL controls, etc.).

PBDIR (download size 71KB - 8.15.03)
Four useful custom controls in same package, PBDRIVE.INC, PBDIR.INC, PBFILE.INC and CBFTYPE.INC. Sample program shows how to use them to build a complete file dialog. New: Path dialog sample now also included. See include files and samples for more info on messages and settings, etc.

PBvlist32 (download size 48KB - 5.4.03)
Virtual listbox custom control for unlimited number of items. Visualizes global arrays with instant view, no matter how many items there are in the array. Commented code, easy to customize for own needs. Two sample programs included, one to show general use and one to show how the list can be used for instant view of several, selectable arrays.

Samples and Utilities - Public Domain

AboutBox (download size 30KB - 5.8.03)
A small sample, showing a way to load an RTF file embeded in a resource file into a RichEdit control. Can serve as a nice-looking About.. -dialog, or why not use several RTF files, load on demand and provide embedded, stand-alone inline help, without need for anything else. New: Now with OLE/COM interface, to enable load of RTF files with embedded pictures and objects! Complete source, RTF sample file and compiled exe in zip file below.

DrawMenu (download size 20KB - 6.18.03)
A sample that shows a way to add bitmaps to menu items. Complete source code with bitmaps and a compiled exe in zip file below.

CharMap2 (download size 31KB - 10.18.04)
Almost identical to MS CharMap. A silly utility that has proved to be extremely useful in lots of programming tasks. I have embedded it in my own editor and often use it to see/copy characters from the extended ASCII, as an example. Zip file includes compiled exe, complete code, icon and bitmap for the ownerdrawn combo.

PB Code RichEdit Viewer (download size 39KB - 11.19.02)
A tool to view PowerBASIC source code in a colored-syntax RichEdit box.

FileFind 2 (download size 31KB - 2.16.02)
The program shows how to do fast recursive file searching, plus how to list name, path, size and date in a virtual ListView control, from where a selected file's properties can be viewed via right-click, and a file can be opened with associated program via double-click. Quick sorting is done via the column headers and it also shows how to change text and background color in a label. All is done with best speed possible in mind, to enable PB developers to "show off" a bit, when file search needs to be done in a program. Who needs C..? ;)

incLean2.dll 1.32 (download size 65KB - 1.14.05)
inClean2.dll is the incLean program in DLL form. Useful for developers who want to implement incLean's capacity to cut down compile time and program size to a minimum. Zip file contains the dll file (~88 KB), sample program + code that shows a way to use the dll and incLean2.txt, with information about calls, parameters and return values, etc.

incLean2 Source Code (download size 86KB - 1.14.05)
Source code to compile the DLL version of incLean and demonstration file of how to work with the DLL version.

MacrCase (download size 21KB - 4.8.03)
Some powerful asm L/M/T/UCASE MACRO functions that calls subs which uses localized character tables via global string tables, initiated by CharUpper and CharLower functions. Also included an mROT13 routine that does very fast ROT13 conversion. Zip file contains both code and compiled test prog.

Memorizing ComboBox (download size 15KB - 1.6.02)
Shows how to create an ownerdrawn combobox than "remembers" last selected item and puts it at top of list, with double line divider. Compare MS Word's font name combo - probably the most (only?) "intelligent" code ever written by MS.

OpenFile in Tab-dialog (download size 45KB - 10.18.04)
Shows a way to "embed" the OpenFile dialog into a tab-dialog and provide a Recent files list on tab-page 2. Written for/in PBWIN 7.0x, but should compile fine with earlier versions too. Lots of comments added in an attempt to explain the code. Still not that easy, since this belongs to "advanced stuff", but it's worth taking a look at - things like these can make a big difference in your program.

The dialog handles resize and multiple selection when flags for that is set, and takes eventual help/read-only controls into consideration too. Routines for storing/loading a Recent files -list in/from ini ' file are here too. Zip file contains complete code and a compiled sample program that will give you chance to test different settings (OPENFILENAME flags).

PwKeeper (download size 12KB - 10.26.02)
Sometimes I need to look up Forum password because browser/cookie has lost it. To make life easier, I wrote this little program that stores whatever I need in a textbox.

PBcodec v1.14 (download size 62KB - 8.11.03)
PBcodec can scan a main source file, plus all eventual include files for un-used Subs/Functions and Variables. Includes possibility to extract all string literals. Report is saved as text file in main file's directory, plus shown in associated editor (txt). Report also warns for Global/Local naming conflict, plus lists all findings complete with file and line number. Use the reported File+Line number to find redundant code in your projects. Zip file includes both compiled exe + complete code.

RichEdit with OLE (download size 42KB - 8.15.03)
A sample that shows how to load/save files with embedded pictures/OLE objects and how to insert OLE objects and pictures directly via OpenFile and OLE2's InsertObject dialog. It even does right-click object related popup menu for opening an embedded object for editing (DoVerb). Zip file contains both complete code and a compiled program. It's actually a quite advanced and fully working Word Processor - you can load and save both Text and RTF, insert text, pictures and OLE objects - comletely stand-alone, with an EXE file size of about 47 KB!!! Eat your heart out Micro$oft, this is the way it should be.

MS SysInfo32 (download size 12KB - 4.24.03)
A small sample, showing a way to show the locale MSInfo32 system information program from within your program. Could be useful in an About.. -dialog, for example. Complete source and a compiled exe in zip file.

Text-to-CHR$ (download size 17KB - 4.9.03)
Small, but sometimes quite useful Text-to-CHR$ converter. Can be useful if we want to hide text strings in a program. Text like "Enter reg. code" is visible in compiled program code, but CHR$(69, 110, 116, 101, 114, 32, 114, 101, 103, 46, 32, 99, 111, 100, 101) is not and gives same output. Can also be used to check ASC value(s) of any given character(s). Zip file contain both complete code and a compiled program.

WebCoder (download size 49KB - 3.25.03)
Code for a small "Bas2Html" dll that converts a given string with PB code (BAS, INC) to "syntax colored" plain Html formatted result. Complete with compiled sample prog and all code.

Last updated on July 9, 2014,
by Donnie Ewald